JSON as a service

Create your JSON objects with auto-generated random data.

The perfect tool for front end development.

Sometimes struggling with incomplete or even no data is a pain to start working on your font end. Jsonware wants to changes this. Create your json structure with our simple API, we can auto generate as many results as you need. Fetch the provided URL, and you are set to go!

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No installation

Simple as creating your json structure, fetch the URL, and voila!

Extensive API

Multiple mock data available generated only for you. No hassle.


CORS enabled so you can work on any environment needed.

Made with Love

From front end devs to the world!

How it Works

1. Code your structure using our API

We will use mock data to populate what you need and generate as many results as desired.

2. Fetch the URL provided in your code

Once the JSON is generated, we will provide you with a unique URL as an endpoint.

3. That's it!

You are now ready to work on your development projects :)

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