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Generate JSONs with mockup data

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// Builds an array of mockup data

  "@repeat(3)": {
    "id": "@_id",
    "firstname": "@firstname",
    "lastname": "@lastname"
    "id": "2626a0b556b354dd92ad2e874c67b17b",
    "firstname": "Julianna",
    "lastname": "Cooley"
    "id": "905d48e07abd095c2a7c157c3325a706",
    "firstname": "Rosena",
    "lastname": "Cooper"
    "id": "9e4b953982838fdf3f5ab3c519639533",
    "firstname": "Junko",
    "lastname": "Morse"


No installation

Simply build your JSON schema and fetch your data through a unique URL


Extensive mock data API available to generate JSONs only for you


CORS are enabled, so you can fetch without any authorization error


Keep and manage your Jsonwares through our dashboard


No need to create a new Jsonware, you can now edit your existing ones

Static / Dynamic

We will provide a static Jsonware (generated once) and a dynamic regenerated on every new load

How does it work?

Build your JSON schema

We will use mock data to populate what you need and generate as many results as desired

Generate JSON

We will generate two unique endpoints. Static - always serving the same data, and Dynamic - generating new data on every load

Fetch data

Fetch your data. You are all set to work :)

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